Why Your Kids Would Benefit From Fewer Toys

1. Growing up, kids learn to be more creative.

Toys prevent some children from fully developing their imagination. Two German public health workers conducted an experiment in which they convinced kids in a kindergarten classroom to remove all their toys for three months. Although the children began acting bored initially, they soon began inventing games and using their imagination to play.

2. The attention span of kids lengthens.

A child's attention span drops quickly when too many toys are introduced into their lives. A child will rarely acquire an appreciation of the toy directly in front of them when they have the option of numerous other options.

3. Social skills improve as kids get older.

Having less toys, children develop relationships with other kids and adults because they find out how to have a good conversation. Childhood friendships have been linked to greater odds of success academically and socially during adulthood. People who have stronger relationships grow up happier than those with fewer toys.